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6 Tips to Build Profitable Alliances To Grow Your Business

Some of your best promotional opportunities lie with some of the businesses around you. Together, you can capture the attention of potential new clients, wow them into loyalty, and leap over tall buildings—or at least conquer budget constraints. By working together, you can cast a bigger net to attract more clients and have more successful promotions this holiday season. Continue reading “6 Tips to Build Profitable Alliances To Grow Your Business” »

5 Signs You Need More Online Reviews

Online salon reviewsHave you signed up for a few free salon listing directories but hesitant to encourage your clients to review you? Well, the reviews count, too. Online reviews matter for SEO and in the minds of your potential clients. According to a study by Bright Local, consumers like to read up to 10 reviews before making a decision about which local businesses to use. Continue reading “5 Signs You Need More Online Reviews” »

How to Get Over the Blogging Hump

Blogging is a way to have influence beyond the salon. I wrote about how to develop new content ideas with ease earlier. However, I realized from talking to some stylists recently that just getting started is a big hump for many folks. Continue reading “How to Get Over the Blogging Hump” »

Don’t just be a digital sharecropper: Tips to own your online identity and market your salon

Are you a digital sharecropper? If Facebook is the place where potential clients can find your best photos, your hottest videos and most helpful hair care advice then you are a digital sharecropper. As you work to publish great new content that your clients love, Facebook (or Master) reaps most of the financial rewards. Continue reading “Don’t just be a digital sharecropper: Tips to own your online identity and market your salon” »

5 tips to happy salon clients using social media

Happy client enjoying pamperingAre most of your clients REALLY happy?

From my research with clients, many of your clients are NOT happy.

Many salon owners take a short-sighted view and equate a few re-bookings to happiness. This formula does not add up.  The reality is that some of your clients continue to visit but tell their friends, “My salon is too unprofessional for me to recommend to someone else.” Ouch! Continue reading “5 tips to happy salon clients using social media” »

Set clear goals for your salon in 2011

January is more than halfway done. Have you made specific plans about how you will continue to grow your salon business this year?

Whether you rent a booth or own a full salon, it is important to use good practices to define clear goals at the beginning of each year. Once you and your team are clear on goals, then you can better prioritize whether you should prioritize a revamp of your email newsletter or hire another staff member. Continue reading “Set clear goals for your salon in 2011” »

How to work the inbox: E-mail marketing tips

E-mail is your friend. Really, it is.

Even in the age of Facebook, the studies still show that email is one of the most effective ways to communicate online. E-mail allows you to connect with your clients away from the chair. As a hairstylist, you have an advantage over other businesses jockeying for attention in your clients’ inboxes.  You already have developed a personal relationship. People like hearing from their inner circle of advisers and friends.

As a marketer, I constantly try to think of new ways to become that e-mail that my readers can’t wait to read (feel free to tell me how I am doing). When I started to get really serious about email, I studied all the emails that I really enjoyed reading to see what I could learn from others. Continue reading “How to work the inbox: E-mail marketing tips” »

Facebook: Your New Hot Styling Tool

Are you on Facebook yet? And I don’t mean connecting with your best friend from the fifth grade and your cousin Ray. Facebook can be a great place to market your business, especially if you are trying to reach women. A recent study validated what I had already observed.  One-third of women between 18-34 check Facebook first thing in the morning when they wake up. Yes, this means your clients, too.

According to Facebook, 400 million members have active accounts on the addictive social networking site. It is hard for most small business owners, especially those trying to reach consumers like hair salons, to ignore Facebook. Continue reading “Facebook: Your New Hot Styling Tool” »