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6 Tips to Build Profitable Alliances To Grow Your Business

Some of your best promotional opportunities lie with some of the businesses around you. Together, you can capture the attention of potential new clients, wow them into loyalty, and leap over tall buildings—or at least conquer budget constraints. By working together, you can cast a bigger net to attract more clients and have more successful promotions this holiday season. Continue reading “6 Tips to Build Profitable Alliances To Grow Your Business” »

Tips to Avoid Becoming the Back-up Salon

One thing is for sure. Clients have options. In most major metropolitan areas around the world, clients have a plethora of options for hair care and grooming services. Then you may ask, why do many clients say that they don’t know where to get there hair done? Many clients consider many of the businesses that they walk or drive by as only viable “back-up” options. If you are an owner striving to for more consistent income, you need most of your clients to view you as their #1 option. Continue reading “Tips to Avoid Becoming the Back-up Salon” »

Contribute Your Talent to Beauty Bloggers to Promote Your Business

For the last few years, a new group has had influence over your clients’ view of style and hair care practices− beauty bloggers. The top beauty and fashion bloggers are often in as much demand as the beauty pros from iconic magazines like Elle and Essence. In addition, product companies like L’Oreal now turn to these bloggers for insight on what consumers want. Continue reading “Contribute Your Talent to Beauty Bloggers to Promote Your Business” »

Don’t let GroupOn crush you

Have you been experimenting with the daily deal web sites, like GroupOn or Living Social? Has one of the over 3,000 sales reps at GroupOn called you but you are still unsure whether you should try it? I have been studying daily deals to help my clients make decisions about planning promotions. I ran across this article in the New York Times this week and wanted to share with all my readers. Continue reading “Don’t let GroupOn crush you” »

Client advice to increase sales for your salon

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Did you know that you can create opportunities to separate yourself from the competition by addressing some common client gripes?

Here are the top four that I hear.

Continue reading “Client advice to increase sales for your salon” »

Helping to create prom fierceness leads to happy clients, great PR for hair salons

Date? Check. Dress? Check. Next, mothers across the country ask,”Now what am I supposed to do with her hair?”

April begins prom season, which will quickly be followed by graduation season. This is a great time to introduce your business to teen clients. Some of these teen clients may graduate from being just one-time special occasion appointments to become 20-year clients with the right salon experience. Besides generating new bookings in the short term, you have the opportunity to connect your brand with your community. Continue reading “Helping to create prom fierceness leads to happy clients, great PR for hair salons” »