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5 ways to gear up to market your salon in 2012

The promise of the New Year excites me. What about you? When people wish you a prosperous New Year do you mentally give yourself a fist pump? Or do you just sigh and flip over the next page on your calendar? I hope it is not the latter. Your clients need you to continue to grow. Continue reading “5 ways to gear up to market your salon in 2012” »

Set clear goals for your salon in 2011

January is more than halfway done. Have you made specific plans about how you will continue to grow your salon business this year?

Whether you rent a booth or own a full salon, it is important to use good practices to define clear goals at the beginning of each year. Once you and your team are clear on goals, then you can better prioritize whether you should prioritize a revamp of your email newsletter or hire another staff member. Continue reading “Set clear goals for your salon in 2011” »

Appointment book entries or gold mine?: How to work your loyal salon clients to get more sales

Learn more about your profitable clients from your database (Photo credit: iStockphoto)

Many salons under-estimate the power of the information that they can collect each time a client walks through the door. Imagine if you knew that if you could find 50 more people like your next appointment, you could expand your existing salon or finally open up your own salon. Let’s call this gold mine of a client a super client.

By using the information in your database, you no longer need to worry about chasing everyone who gets off the bus in front of your salon. You can be more targeted. You can focus on your need for 50 super clients. You may break down that goal even further to decide that it makes sense to set a goal of getting five new super clients each month. Continue reading “Appointment book entries or gold mine?: How to work your loyal salon clients to get more sales” »

Spread the Word…to About 100 People

Playing telephone game

Word of mouth is more than a game of telephone (Photo credit: iStockphoto)

Many salon hair-nistas tell me that word of mouth has been key to their businesses. I always respond, “that’s great…now you can take your word of mouth online.” The response is usually somewhere in between Arnold’s trademark, “Whatcha you talkin’ about, Willis” and an encouraging “can you explain more.”

Think about it. It’s nice when your client tells her sister about your great work but wouldn’t it be better if they could also tell 100 people immediately.

Back in the day (about five years ago), people lived their lives without rushing to see their BFF’s Facebook status update. And, they really did have a relationship with all the people who they claimed as “friends.” Back then, word of mouth literally meant passing information from one person to the next through conversation. Today, it also includes passing information via email, text message, and throughout the Internet. Continue reading “Spread the Word…to About 100 People” »

Your best client: Beyond the part on the left

Woman on a cell phone

A happy client can be your best asset to grow your business. (Photo credit: iStockphoto)

I tell people that I am the “Super Client.” If any salon had 500 of me coming into their salon each month, they would be well on the road of becoming a millionaire salon owner. What makes me so loyal? How do you find out if that new walk-in will become an “every week” client? There is no compatibility test like eHarmony to figure out whether a potential client will be there to see your business grow or be another bust looking for the “hook up.”

I started my business because it seemed like many stylists did not know how to attract and keep women like me in the salon. No one really ever just asked me why I continued to come. Sometimes it seemed like stylists thought if they did ask me that I would second guess myself. “Yeah, maybe I should try someone else,” a stylist imagined that I would think. Continue reading “Your best client: Beyond the part on the left” »