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Local News Websites Can Bring More Business

If most of your salon clients live within a 30 mile radius of your business, your local marketing efforts will continue to be most important. Today, local marketing means more than including information about your business in the local Money Mailer envelope, sending out postcards to residents in a target zip code, or costly tv/radio advertising. It can now include cost-effective online methods of marketing through hyperlocal news websites. Continue reading “Local News Websites Can Bring More Business” »

Contribute Your Talent to Beauty Bloggers to Promote Your Business

For the last few years, a new group has had influence over your clients’ view of style and hair care practices− beauty bloggers. The top beauty and fashion bloggers are often in as much demand as the beauty pros from iconic magazines like Elle and Essence. In addition, product companies like L’Oreal now turn to these bloggers for insight on what consumers want. Continue reading “Contribute Your Talent to Beauty Bloggers to Promote Your Business” »

4 holiday marketing ideas for your salon

Unlike any other time of the year, your clients may not be as self-centered as normal. Yes, it is true. Let’s ignore for a moment that you may see an increase in last-minute appointment requests to get ready for that big holiday party. Many clients are running around buying gifts for their loved ones, planning holiday parties, and reflecting on how fortunate they are to be able to afford pampering at your business. Why not incorporate the giving season into your marketing efforts? Continue reading “4 holiday marketing ideas for your salon” »

How to Get Over the Blogging Hump

Blogging is a way to have influence beyond the salon. I wrote about how to develop new content ideas with ease earlier. However, I realized from talking to some stylists recently that just getting started is a big hump for many folks. Continue reading “How to Get Over the Blogging Hump” »

Helping to create prom fierceness leads to happy clients, great PR for hair salons

Date? Check. Dress? Check. Next, mothers across the country ask,”Now what am I supposed to do with her hair?”

April begins prom season, which will quickly be followed by graduation season. This is a great time to introduce your business to teen clients. Some of these teen clients may graduate from being just one-time special occasion appointments to become 20-year clients with the right salon experience. Besides generating new bookings in the short term, you have the opportunity to connect your brand with your community. Continue reading “Helping to create prom fierceness leads to happy clients, great PR for hair salons” »