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Spread the Word…to About 100 People

Playing telephone game

Word of mouth is more than a game of telephone (Photo credit: iStockphoto)

Many salon hair-nistas tell me that word of mouth has been key to their businesses. I always respond, “that’s great…now you can take your word of mouth online.” The response is usually somewhere in between Arnold’s trademark, “Whatcha you talkin’ about, Willis” and an encouraging “can you explain more.”

Think about it. It’s nice when your client tells her sister about your great work but wouldn’t it be better if they could also tell 100 people immediately.

Back in the day (about five years ago), people lived their lives without rushing to see their BFF’s Facebook status update. And, they really did have a relationship with all the people who they claimed as “friends.” Back then, word of mouth literally meant passing information from one person to the next through conversation. Today, it also includes passing information via email, text message, and throughout the Internet. Continue reading “Spread the Word…to About 100 People” »