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The Brand Equation for an A-List Salon

If I asked you, “What is the “Your Salon Way,” how would you respond?  You have to decide how you want to distinguish your business from the other beauty and personal care businesses in your area.  Are you a visionary type that can create your own new cutting, coloring, or extension technique? Or are you working to create a unique customer service experience, with special hours or front-desk greetings? Do you want to be known as an overall image consultant for your clients? Defining your brand in this way will help you stand out. Continue reading “The Brand Equation for an A-List Salon” »

4 leadership tips for salon owners

With all the talk about the 2012 presidential primaries, I thought it was a good time to talk about leadership. Did you know that your leadership skills may be the most critical factor for your success?It’s definitely not about your website. Or even how great you and your staff are at producing fabulous hair cuts or spa experiences.  Legendary salon owner Philip Pelusi shared this gem about the connection between your personal development and the success of your salon. Continue reading “4 leadership tips for salon owners” »

The ‘black salon’ branding problem

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In order to attract and retain upscale clientele, you may have to address the “black salon” branding problem head on. Let’s face it together to help you meet your sales goals.

Recently, a client told me about a post about the increase in multicultural salons. Under pressure from the economy, many black salons have been forced to close their doors, according to the article. This is not news, right?  The overall industry showed a decrease in salons last year.  What may be more interesting is where these former salon owners are going to work. Many have rejoined the employee ranks as stylists within larger salons like Saks Fifth Avenue and JCPenney. Even this is not really CNN-worthy.  African-American stylists have hung up their shears in traditional white salons for years. Continue reading “The ‘black salon’ branding problem” »