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June 15, 2011

Do you want to improve your business planning skills so that you can get better financial results?

Through in-person and/or teleseminar (NEW) training, we focus on your marketing systems.  Whether your marketing efforts need a tweak or an overhaul, you will leave with proven tools to evaluate or implement new ways to take your passive word-of-mouth marketing efforts to the next level.

If you want to start to grow your business to have more consistent income and to reach your financial goals quicker, you may have to shake up your marketing efforts. If you are ready to put a marketing program in place to allow you to worry less about having enough clients walk through the door every day to support your business, this training is for you.

Book Your C.H.A.I.R. Solid to a 6-Figure Business Home Study Course

If you are a salon owner or booth renter that is not sure whether your current plan will help you reach your financial goals, this course is for you.

This self-paced home study course is designed to teach you how to create a marketing plan to achieve financial success with your salon business. In this course, I help you learn the tools to take your salon from “best kept secret” to “the hot spot.” I will walk you through how you can build your marketing around what YOUR clients truly value and drive more cash flow.

Through audio training and homework exercises, you will be able to map out a plan to grow that includes the who, what and how you can be more successful.


Strategy Evaluation Template Tool

This template is for you if you want a way to evaluate the results of your current business strategies.

Get this tool to help you evaluate your Big Picture return on investment from a recent sales or marketing strategy. Download the pdf template, review the easy-to-follow instructions, and complete with your salon management team.

This tool will help you:

  •  Evaluate your current strategy beyond just sales dollars
  • Give your current strategy a report card
  • Decide whether your current strategy is working or whether it needs tweaking
  • More confidently plan your activities for the remainder of the year



2012 Live Workshop Dates

Morning Huddle: A-List Salon Strategy and Coffee with V. Woods- New Jersey


Past 2011 Live Workshop Dates:

  • May 15 – NYC
  • July 24 – Philadelphia
  • Sept 12 – Happy Clients to Wealth Blueprint-FREE callGet the recording
  • October 2 – New Jersey (Extension Expo)
  • October 8-11 – Black Beauty Expo