Who Else Wants To Want to Plant Seeds for More Loyal Clients This Spring?

FREE WEBINAR EVENT! If you’re ready to weed out the discount hunters, attract more loyal clients ready and willing to pay any price you name, and earn more income for your business so that you can worry less about cash flow… then join Veronica Woods as she reveals:

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This complimentary 45 minute webinar will help you learn:

  • Insider secrets to avoid becoming the “back-up” salon”
  • 3 ways to predict who will be your best clients before they even walk through the door
  • 5 tips to till your salon and spa soil to become more attractive for client growth

During this webinar, you will discover the some of the key steps that A-List salon and spa owners to end the “how do I find good clients” problem. Get the exact, easy-to-follow formula for attracting more high value clients that will appreciate the business that you have and talents you love to use.
And here’s where it gets really powerful…

I’m going to share REAL-LIFE examples of not ONE but TEN successful salon owners that have achieved MASSIVE Success!

I spent the last year researching the sales and marketing strategies of top hair salons to write the book, The A-List Salon: Insider Secrets of How Profitable Salons Wow Their Clients Every Day. I interviewed salon owners recognized by Salon Today Magazine as the top 200 in the country. They shared an inside view of not only what makes stylists knock down the door to work there but also what keeps the cash registers jingling. And, I have spent thousands of hours reviewing marketing materials of hundreds of salons.

The book has had some notable advanced praise even before going to print:

“Every salon owner, whether behind the chair or not, can profit from this book’s insights, takeaways, and exercises about how to get to the next level through careful planning and execution.”-Julie Shepperly, beauty professional and Business Development Director for Milady

A recorded replay of this webinar will be available for a limited time. The link wil

To your success,

V. Woods

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Who is V. Woods and why should you listen to her?

V. Woods has always been passionate about hair. Her perspective comes from sitting inthe chair as a loyal client. She has personally recommended 100s of salons across the country to her friends over the years. Woods decided to turn this passion into a business when her favorite salon owner became forced to go out of business because of a lack of business savvy.

An MBA graduate of The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Woods leveraged her 6-figure education and decade of corporate experience working in business planning with multi-million dollar budgets on a quest to help raise the business game for salon owners.

Woods now provides consulting and training services to beauty businesses to help them create a solid plan to attract and retain more happy clients— and earn greater profits. With her Corporate experience in Sales & Marketing, she created the Book Your C.H.A.I.R. Solid System.  She is currently working on her book, The A-List Salon: Insider Secrets of How Profitable Salons Wow Their Clients Every Day.

“Her analysis of the competitive marketplace helped me to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a new service line that would not have been profitable by my design. She doesn’t give just cookie-cutter advice. Her recommendation report gives me a great road map to move forward with my plans….all at a reasonable price. The money I spent with V. Woods actually saved me time and money.”

From Kristina Hinckson, SpaHookup.com in New Jersey


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