How I Work

October 26, 2011

Here is what you can expect

You have a business partner focused on helping you grow as an entrepreneur and as a company. When you are ready for your business to leap forward, you need a solid strategy. V. Woods can help you plan and implement marketing projects that help position you as a premiere service provider in your market. I push our clients to think beyond just the next 3 months to look toward the next 3 years. Along the way, my team can boost your confidence as a business leader.

If you have been doing the same thing for ages with the same results, we give your marketing a makeover. We listen to your goals, evaluate where you have the biggest potential to grow, and build marketing plans that inspire your target clients to buy more of your products and services. We create marketing messages in your voice that resonate with both your new and longtime clients. As a result, you have more consistent income and worry less about reaching your financial goals.

We help you mix up your approach to word of mouth marketing. We can assist you with promoting your business through social media, printed materials, email, mobile technology, and your website. We will never just recommend an approach that is hot if we do not think its a good fit for your business.

Our philosophy

Think BIG. We push our clients to go for it. We want to support our clients’ dreams to open larger operations, multiple locations and franchises.

Your expertise makes us look smart. We like to work with businesses that possess talented staff. V. Woods just teaches you how to let your operational skills shine. At the end of the day, great marketing will not hide mediocre service.

Each client is different and special. We don’t give you cookie-cutter templates or advice. We develop campaigns that your happy clients recognize as you and that leverage your business’s unique strengths.

Technology levels the playing field. We search for and evaluate new technologies that we believe will help our clients appear savvy and get more done. We train our clients to use technology to become more effective business managers.

What makes us unique?

We know how to promote products and services to beauty consumers, firsthand. We do it ourselves. With the marketing experience from, V. Woods can help you better understand your clients’ expectations and choose the right communication tools so that they can be your effective brand ambassadors. In addition, we have developed a special expertise about the needs of multicultural clients (especially African-American women) who seek textured hair services.

V. Woods has in-depth knowledge of best practices in client retention and customer acquisition through her corporate experience. Her clients benefit from her product management experience in sales and marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across the United States. Read more about us.

We are focused on beauty. We specialize in working with salon professionals, spa professionals, beauty product companies, and equipment manufacturers. This saves you time by not having to explain your operational challenges and the trends in the marketplace. With V. Woods, you will have a business partner that truly understands your business.

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