Are you anxious about your income picking up enough for your salon business to meet your sales goals?

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Salon professionals/owners, this training is for YOU if you:

    • Have bold goals about growing your business but are unsure whether your current plan will move you fast enough
    • Created a Twitter account, Facebook page, and website and are asking “Now What?”
    • Want a strategy to build a sustainable system so you don’t have to worry about hitting sales targets from week to week

From the Desk of V. Woods,

Dear Salon Professional,

You may have noticed that clients have more options for beauty services today than even five years ago. It is a reality that you can’t ignore. Consumers can buy their products and read hair care advice online. And, with the difficult economy, many clients are questioning why they need to invest in high-priced salon services. Bottom line…take clients for granted and get ready to deal with some hard times for your business.

Building your marketing around what YOUR clients value is the key to improve the cash flow for your business. Savvy salon owners develop systems to make word of mouth happen more easily and faster.  They don’t just hope for it happen. Smarter salon professionals know exactly what their most profitable clients want to remain happy and loyal.

When you use your happy clients to create wealth, you:

  • Have more consistent cash flow AND the peace of mind that comes along with it
  • Can work smarter not harder in your marketing efforts
  • Worry less about slow days
  • Have more confidence that you can meet your expansion plans for your business

What you will learn with this audio training…

  • Why NOT knowing EXACTLY why your happy clients love you is a recipe for disaster
  • 5 tips to turn happy clients into a profit center
  • Why online reviews can be your best online marketing tools
  • 5 tips to use email to keep top-of-mind with your clients

Invest less than 60 minutes to learn proven strategies that many of the top salons across the country use to recession-proof their businesses.

Happy listening.

V. Woods

My Salon Scoop

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Who is V. Woods?

V. Woods is regarded as an innovator in the beauty business. A graduate of The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania with an MBA in Finance, Woods put her 6-figure education and decade of corporate experience working in business planning with multi-million dollar budgets to the task.

And on a passionate leap, she founded the website, Soon after, it turned into a full-fledged salon marketing company, attracting the attention of brands such as L’Oreal Professional and Shea Moisture through her development of marketing campaigns to target African-American consumers.

Woods saw that while the website was a beginning, salon and spa owners wanted more from her. She researched the marketing practices of the top hair salons in the country, and the connection between an investment in an efficient marketing system and success became clear. So, Woods set out to create her own fresh, innovative system.  With her Fortune 500 experience helping small and medium-sized businesses in sales and marketing, Woods has in-depth experience with developing prospecting and customer retention programs.

Woods is also a member of both the Professional Beauty Association and the Black Beauty Association.

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