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On this audio training, we covered 7 tips to Turn Happy Clients into Wealth by taking a more proactive approach for word-of-mouth strategies. Remember, the goal is to avoid spending time and energy chasing down potential clients who will neither become long term clients nor grow your business.

Here is the link to the call.

Happy Clients to Wealth Audio Training

Recap of the Top 7 Tips:

Tip #1:Find out the scoop about your clients by looking at your sales numbers.

Tip #2 Listen to what your clients are saying about you online

Tip #3 Use surveys to find out what clients think

Tip #4 Make sure you make it easy for clients to leave an online review

Tip #5 Use social media to take your word of mouth to the next level

Tip #6 Continue to remind your clients that you are online

Tip #7 Use email as an opportunity to mix education and promotions

This call is part of the Happy Clients portion of the Book Your CHAIR Solid system to create a solid marketing plan. If you enjoyed this call, you may want to put your own game plan together to build a client wealth building machine. I can support you to achieve this goal with the Book Your Chair Solid 90 Day Coaching Program. The best way to get your business to the next level is to create a solid plan. With my support, you will have the accountability partner to really get it done. To learn more about the Book Your CHAIR Solid 90 Day Coaching Programclick here.

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