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5 Signs You Need More Online Reviews

Online salon reviewsHave you signed up for a few free salon listing directories but hesitant to encourage your clients to review you? Well, the reviews count, too. Online reviews matter for SEO and in the minds of your potential clients. According to a study by Bright Local, consumers like to read up to 10 reviews before making a decision about which local businesses to use. Continue reading “5 Signs You Need More Online Reviews” »

Tips to Avoid Becoming the Back-up Salon

One thing is for sure. Clients have options. In most major metropolitan areas around the world, clients have a plethora of options for hair care and grooming services. Then you may ask, why do many clients say that they don’t know where to get there hair done? Many clients consider many of the businesses that they walk or drive by as only viable “back-up” options. If you are an owner striving to for more consistent income, you need most of your clients to view you as their #1 option. Continue reading “Tips to Avoid Becoming the Back-up Salon” »

Contribute Your Talent to Beauty Bloggers to Promote Your Business

For the last few years, a new group has had influence over your clients’ view of style and hair care practices− beauty bloggers. The top beauty and fashion bloggers are often in as much demand as the beauty pros from iconic magazines like Elle and Essence. In addition, product companies like L’Oreal now turn to these bloggers for insight on what consumers want. Continue reading “Contribute Your Talent to Beauty Bloggers to Promote Your Business” »

Salon client survey reveals that clients generally satisfied but not overly impressed

Survey suggests salon clients willing to pay more for better time management and better service

Executive Summary

Listening to the feedback of beauty salon clients is critical to maintain and to improve client retention rates. Salon owners must have a firm understanding of their clients’ expectations, needs, and willingness to pay for particular services to make the best business decisions.

We conducted a survey of regular salon guests (all women) to review their satisfaction with their salon experiences. Although most women are generally satisfied, our survey results revealed that many have not recently experienced a truly memorable salon visit.

Our research showed that salon owners who want to increase their client retention rate should focus on the improvement in the following areas: 1) time management, 2) customer service skills of their entire staff, 3) consultations, and 4) process to accept client appointments. The results also revealed that 38% of women will simply seek to find a new stylist when dissatisfied with their salon experience.

In conclusion, clients expect salons to pay attention to customer service along with processing hair. The salons that are willing to go the extra mile to provide memorable experiences will be able to enjoy higher than average client retention rates and superior profits.

Read the complete salon client experience summary report here

4 leadership tips for salon owners

With all the talk about the 2012 presidential primaries, I thought it was a good time to talk about leadership. Did you know that your leadership skills may be the most critical factor for your success?It’s definitely not about your website. Or even how great you and your staff are at producing fabulous hair cuts or spa experiences.  Legendary salon owner Philip Pelusi shared this gem about the connection between your personal development and the success of your salon. Continue reading “4 leadership tips for salon owners” »

Anchor your salon brand with your image as a beauty professional-Interview with Keith Harley

Keith Harley

If you follow this blog,  you know that I am conducting research for my forthcoming book, Happy Clients Count. The book will help salon owners learn to achieve greater financial results by examining their business strategy to attract and keep profitable clients. To explore this premise, I will highlight stories and advice from successful salons across the country for the book. These beauty entrepreneurs share how they wow their clients all the way to bank.

I just completed a great interview today with Keith Harley, owner of Keith Harley Hair and Scalp Clinic in Arlington, VA.   Continue reading “Anchor your salon brand with your image as a beauty professional-Interview with Keith Harley” »

5 ways to gear up to market your salon in 2012

The promise of the New Year excites me. What about you? When people wish you a prosperous New Year do you mentally give yourself a fist pump? Or do you just sigh and flip over the next page on your calendar? I hope it is not the latter. Your clients need you to continue to grow. Continue reading “5 ways to gear up to market your salon in 2012” »

4 holiday marketing ideas for your salon

Unlike any other time of the year, your clients may not be as self-centered as normal. Yes, it is true. Let’s ignore for a moment that you may see an increase in last-minute appointment requests to get ready for that big holiday party. Many clients are running around buying gifts for their loved ones, planning holiday parties, and reflecting on how fortunate they are to be able to afford pampering at your business. Why not incorporate the giving season into your marketing efforts? Continue reading “4 holiday marketing ideas for your salon” »

Get your clients to “check-in” to improve the word of mouth for your salon business

From the comfort of a chair in your salon or barber shop, your clients can “check-in” to your business and instantly tell hundreds of their friends about you. Yes, just one click. Does that motivate you to add another tool to your social media arsenal? Continue reading “Get your clients to “check-in” to improve the word of mouth for your salon business” »

How to Get Over the Blogging Hump

Blogging is a way to have influence beyond the salon. I wrote about how to develop new content ideas with ease earlier. However, I realized from talking to some stylists recently that just getting started is a big hump for many folks. Continue reading “How to Get Over the Blogging Hump” »