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Dear Broadcast Louder Subscribers:

Sometimes you just hit a wall with your marketing. You know that you will not reach your sales goals without finding a way to serve more people.

And, you are overwhelmed with the offers of magic marketing pills that you receive in your inbox everyday advertising the next new shiny object for you. But you know that you need to shake up what you are doing if you want to get to the next level.

I can totally relate.

Would it help to find a sounding board to sort through some of the noise and hone in on the right tools to use for your type of business and your ideal clients?

What I can offer you is my experience advising small and medium-sized businesses to get further value from their marketing dollars. My corporate experience in business planning and product management along with my MBA would allow me to bring not only a fresh perspective but PROVEN business strategies.

For only $100 (a 50% discount, regularly $200) you will get help to nail down what you should do next to make progress toward your financial goals.

How does it work?

With a 60 minute A-List Business strategy session, you will get immediate advice about some of the challenges and/or opportunities to see results soonerTake the summarized next steps and suggested resources that I email to you after the call and take action with more confidence. You get phone session plus notes.

This will help you…

  •  Get injection of new ideas to meet sales goals by brainstorming new strategies that leverage PROVEN marketing practices from small businesses across the country
  • Get value in just one session without any long term commitment. I pour  all my knowledge of proven business systems and brainstorm options over 30 minutes.
  • Get accountability with a summary email report post meeting so that you have a clear plan of action

Does this sound like it will help you move past overwhelm to achieve a new business breakthrough? If so, I invite you to click here to reserve an appointment and invest in yourself.

After you process the PayPal link, you will be redirected to an appointment calendar to pick a time for our meeting.

Honestly, I love doing these sessions because I get a chance to focus solely on your business for a solid hour and give. I just ask that you are ready to play full out and share the hard truths. If you think you just need to hold the phone to your ear and listen without participating, this may not be the best support for you.
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 P.S.- Typically, I recommend that you send me 2-3 topics in advance. This gives us enough time to dig deep. My expertise is around marketing, new products/services development, pricing, staff recruitment, business partnerships, and finances. If your topic is related to any of these topics, I can help.

To your success,

Veronica Woods


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