Your best client: Beyond the part on the left

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A happy client can be your best asset to grow your business. (Photo credit: iStockphoto)

I tell people that I am the “Super Client.” If any salon had 500 of me coming into their salon each month, they would be well on the road of becoming a millionaire salon owner. What makes me so loyal? How do you find out if that new walk-in will become an “every week” client? There is no compatibility test like eHarmony to figure out whether a potential client will be there to see your business grow or be another bust looking for the “hook up.”

I started my business because it seemed like many stylists did not know how to attract and keep women like me in the salon. No one really ever just asked me why I continued to come. Sometimes it seemed like stylists thought if they did ask me that I would second guess myself. “Yeah, maybe I should try someone else,” a stylist imagined that I would think.

Many didn’t take the time to ask me pertinent lifestyle questions that would have helped them service me better.  As the “Super Client” I would offer up pertinent details so that I would get better service (like purposely would pick out a first salon visit outfit that reflected my preferred hairstyle choice), but most women don’t do that. I always give out a disclosure that I am “extra.”

If you want to find more of your “Super Clients,” you first need to get to know them a little better. And I don’t mean stuff like, she always wears her part on the left and requests a roller set. The road to having a more successful business means a deeper understanding of who is in your client base.

Here are a few “getting to know you” questions you may want to ask to reveal the person behind the hair that you style every two weeks:

  • Does she work out on a regular basis?
  • How far does she travel to visit the salon?
  • Does she do her own hair at home? (Does she feel confident with her ability to do her own hair at home?)
  • Does she belong to community organizations with large groups of women (i.e. church or sorority)?
  • What does she do for a living? Does she work with a lot of women?
  • In what age range does she fall?
  • Is she on Facebook?
  • How important is hair health to her?
  • What kind of music would she prefer in the salon?
  • What does she think you do best?

This information is easier to collect than you think. However, you may have to do more than just casually chat with her in the chair. It is hard to jot down notes with a flat iron in one hand, right.

Here are a few ways to find out…

Ask your best clients why they love you. Don’t assume that your best clients come just because they like your styling skills. Be careful about getting caught up in your own swagger. Your styling ability may not be the magical factor. Ask your best clients directly. Find out why they continue to be faithful clients.

Get your clients to complete a survey. Ask some of the suggested questions above so that you can better understand which clients make up the majority of your business. You can do this via an online survey. Look for free sites like that allow you to easily customize your own. If you have a computer in the salon, a client can complete your survey under the dryer while it’s top of mind. If not, you can send a survey out in your email newsletter. And of course, there is always the paper and pen.

Look for the scoop in your own database. If you track your client information in a computer database (via the web or on desktop software) you are at an advantage. Do you realize what jewels you have collected already? You can uncover valuable information that will help you make decisions about how you advertise, what specials to offer, and more. For those of you who are still attached to the ‘old school’ address book, here is yet another reason to embrace technology.

If you try one or more of these techniques, you will begin to uncover patterns in your clients. And you will sound even more confident and professional about expressing your vision for your hair salon business.

  1. this information has been awesome, and will positively help me grow my business. Thanks C.Smith

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the kind words! Feel free to suggest topics that would be useful.

  3. Nana Akua Ahemaa Odei says:

    This is great and will help all beauty shops to grow.

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