Set clear goals for your salon in 2011

January is more than halfway done. Have you made specific plans about how you will continue to grow your salon business this year?

Whether you rent a booth or own a full salon, it is important to use good practices to define clear goals at the beginning of each year. Once you and your team are clear on goals, then you can better prioritize whether you should prioritize a revamp of your email newsletter or hire another staff member.

When I chat with salon owners, I typically ask what is working well. And the start of the year is a great time to reflect.

Here are a few things to think about when setting goals for your salon:

1) Define how you will measure success for the year. Sales is an obvious one but you need smaller goals to manage your business. If you only look at sales, it may take you longer to detect a problem.

Other measurable goals for your salon could be:

  • Increase number of new clients
  • Raise level of client satisfaction (don’t guess…give them a survey)
  • Grow potential client awareness in target audience (i.e. do more people know about you?)—This could be measured by traffic to your website or number of Facebook fans
  • Improve profit per client—Campaigns that make you $1,000 but cost you $999 may not be all that great
  • Save time in hours—If you get time back to focus on the things that you enjoy most or that generate more sales, you are golden.

2) Make a list of all the new ideas that you implemented last year. Go back to what you did last January. It is important to take a look back at the whole year. When you make your list, try to map them back to your intended objective.

3) Evaluate how well your ideas met those goals. Sometimes the big hits and clear misses are the easiest to point out. However, some projects may still be good ideas but need a little tweaking. Be honest with yourself when you do you assessment. Maybe, you spoke at an community event but did not immediately get new clients. Maybe next time you can send all the attendees an email instead of just passing out flyers.

4) Make your list of projects for the new year. Be open to adding new things to the mix. I warn you that adding new marketing activities or services may make you feel uncomfortable. This is especially true for those that don’t heat up as fast as the new flat irons. Adding something new that has worked well for salons that you admire, may be worth a try.

5) Make sure that your project list matches up to your goals. I strongly recommend that you decide on your goals first before making your list of projects. It is hard when you are amped about the new year and hear about the new hot thing to get off course.  Keep your focus. Building a new website is not a business goal that translates into sales by itself. The real goal may be to attract new clients. If attracting new clients is not your main focus, you may want to to sink all your resources into a total revamp of your website. Always force yourself to track things back to the ultimate goal.

The Final Scoop

In order to get different (read better) results, you have to be willing to do things differently. That is what Dr. Phil would say. For many of you that means taking some type of risk. Don’t expect one action to give you hallelujah results. It may be a series of actions that add up to you doubling your sales in 12 months. Set realistic goals for each project. And, if you only invest $10, expecting a 100 fold return on investment (i.e. $1,000 in sales) may not quite be realistic.

With limited resources, you may want to focus on one major goal at a time. This will help you keep the hair on your head.

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