Put Your iPhone Camera Down

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In the age of Facebook, it is easy to publish a photo online.  With the press of a button on your iPhone,  you can have photos of you (and/or your work) available for the world to see.  It’s cute. It’s harmless. But let’s be real, it is not the same as a well-styled, well-lit, polished photo shoot.

Okay, I admit it.  I have been guilty of this.  I have a friend who has been my personal “photographer” for my life events for years.  When I first started my company, I needed a head shot to show everyone that I am “stylish, knowledgeable, and professional.”

I made arrangements to meet up with my buddy to do a “photo shoot” at a restaurant with cool ambiance. As I checked my style in the mirror, I realized that my hair was just “okay” and my make-up was…uh..well somewhere shy of flawless.  After she snapped a few pictures, we peered together at the digital images.  The photos came out okay but did not quite say CEO.” Afterward, I decided to bite the bullet and pay for a professional photographer.

I told one of my fashion photographer friends, Tony Armstrong, that many stylists use candid shots from clients not only on Facebook but also on websites and even on some marketing materials.  He told me, Tell them to put the iPhones down.”

Here are a few reasons why you may need to invest in a professional quality photo shoot instead of just relying on candid camera phone images:

  • High resolution quality:  High resolution images create the opportunity to use the images for a variety of purposes. Print your images to use in a portfolio book, upload your photo in your email newsletter, or even add to your website or flyers. If your starting point is a high resolution image, you can get a lot of mileage out of your investment.
  • More consistent image quality: Sometimes you may luck out to get an American Next Top Model quality photo of your masterpiece.  Other times, the photo can look like it was a shot by your 10-year old niece.  Clients get mixed signals about whether you are really high-end or just another wannabe celebrity stylist when your portfolio images are inconsistent in quality. Can you take that chance when you need to make sure that every image counts?
  • Polished images: Professional photographers know how to adjust for minor imperfections in atmosphere and lighting. Make-up artists provide another level of depth to your hair canvas. Fashion forward poses suggest that you are a true hair artist. A well-styles photo more than just shows your work but demands attention.

In summary, you can (and should) encourage your clients to help you flaunt your work by sharing photos of your work on Facebook.  But as a hair artist, you should hold yourself to a higher standard for your main portfolio. Invest in a professional photo shoot when you need to make sure that your greatness is captured.

  1. This is true I’m in the process of upgrading my photos on my website because of this.

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