7 Tips To Make The Most of Your Mother’s Day Promotions

Mother’s Day is one commercial holiday where women like to indulge in all things beauty. If you are reading this post with plans already underway for the big beauty weekend, great! In the midst of your busy week, I wanted to share a few quick tips to optimize some of the most popular Mother’s Day promotion ideas to reap a return long into September.

Here are my tips to get more umph from your promotions this week.

1) Hosting a Mother’s Day event? Make sure you track the names and contact information of everyone who attends. Don’t skip this step because you assume that most of the attendees are already clients or are friends of clients. Ask for permission to communicate with them after the event. Also, assign someone to help you transfer the names from paper to your client database.

2) Donating to a silent auction? Don’t leave the display of your offering to chance. Give the sponsoring organization a proper portfolio of your work  and a complete description of the prize. If you only give them business cards embedded with your logo, guests (possible ideal clients) may walk right past your prize without bidding or even stopping to pick up one of your lovely cards. And more unfortunate,  the charity may not be able to raise as much money.

3) Consider giving a surprise scalp massage. Delivering an unadvertised special gift (of product or service) or an unexpected level of service (maybe handing out a rose for all) is a nice touch. It doesn’t have to be something expensive but something that makes your guests feel valued as clients.

4) Attend a Mother’s Day event with networking in mind. Perhaps, you are already gearing up to take a special mother in your life to brunch, church, or to a community event. Don’t leave your business cards at home; this may be a prime networking opportunity.

5) Schedule time to re-connect with your holiday campaign business partner. Often some of the most effective holiday campaigns involve joining forces with another area business. Before your co-promotion ends, schedule time with the other owner to discuss what worked well and what needs tweaking for next time. If your only communication afterwards relates to coordinating logistics on gift certificate or basket, a precious opportunity to connect on a new level may be lost.

6) Identify Mother’s Day marketing rock stars. Take note of any nearby businesses that hosted a Mother’s Day campaign that you admired. It could be a restaurant, jewelry store, or even a clothing boutique. Next week drop by or send them a note to say that their campaign rocked and your clients would love their goods/services. If you vibe well, consider recommending that you try a joint promotion for the fall.

7) Give men an extra nudge. It’s not too late to send out a last minute email, run online advertising, or post social media messages targeted at men. Make it easy for them to grab a gift card, certificate, or even an online deal. This is not male bashing. For my male readers, you know the truth about your brethren.

The final scoop:

Every time you devote resources to do a seasonal campaign, it is an investment. Make sure you make the most of it.

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