Appointment book entries or gold mine?: How to work your loyal salon clients to get more sales

Learn more about your profitable clients from your database (Photo credit: iStockphoto)

Many salons under-estimate the power of the information that they can collect each time a client walks through the door. Imagine if you knew that if you could find 50 more people like your next appointment, you could expand your existing salon or finally open up your own salon. Let’s call this gold mine of a client a super client.

By using the information in your database, you no longer need to worry about chasing everyone who gets off the bus in front of your salon. You can be more targeted. You can focus on your need for 50 super clients. You may break down that goal even further to decide that it makes sense to set a goal of getting five new super clients each month.

Just like with dating, to some extent it is a numbers game. But you also know that you attract a different set of folks in the club as opposed to in the church.  If you are trying to find more church-going folks, you shouldn’t waste time going to the hottest night club. I could go on but you get the point.

I can show you how your client database can become the key to your marketing plan to get to your sales goals. In a previous post, I reviewed some questions that you may want to ask each super client to get a more complete picture of who she is. Now, I will give you a few tips about what to do with that information so that you save more money on advertising.

So, you now know that one of your super clients commutes 30 miles for her appointments, checks Facebook once a day, and is active in her sorority. How does that relate to your marketing plan?

A sound marketing plan should be your roadmap to how you meet your weekly, monthly, and annual goals for your business.  In the example we have reviewed so far, you may decide that the key is to get 50 more super clients. Or, conversely you may decide that the key is to take the 50 super clients that you already have and invest in nurturing those relationships more (I will write about that one later). Connecting your business goals to your clients will give you another barometer to whether you are heading in the right direction with your monthly sales goals.

Here are some tips about how to use your client database to spend your advertising budget more wisely:

1.  Place your promotional materials (fliers, ads, etc.) where your best potential clients are most likely to read it. You need to share info with clients where THEY would like to get the scoop not how YOU would like to be reached. I chuckle when some stylists tell me, “I don’t have time to get on Facebook.”  I always tell them but that’s where your clients are.

2.  Focus your marketing budget on the cost to acquire more super clients. Imagine you spent $700 in a month for an ad in Newspaper A to find more clients. You find 10 loyal super clients as a result. That is good but would you be happier to spend only $30 on Website B and find one steady super client? In the first example you spent $70 to get each client but in the last example you spent $30 to get one loyal client. Your return on investment is better in the latter case.

3.  Make decisions about which clients are really your bread and butter.  Maybe you find out that you have a lot of attorneys as clients. You can start marketing directly to groups of legal professionals. You can invest time learning the service offerings that would be most appealing to attorneys based on the demands of their jobs. You can substitute working moms, entrepreneurs, or a known client lifestyle preference (maybe it’s women who want to completely outsource doing their own hair) in place of attorneys if that is more relevant for you.

As you can see, having a better understanding of your client database can help your cash register ring. It does take time to lift the covers on your database to find your super clients. But as you see, it can open up a lot of opportunities.

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