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My blog is back but re-styled.

When I started off on the journey to launch, I began with Hair Chronicles.  Part therapy, part entertainment, the blog caught fire.  Those posts shaped the tone of the future site.

When I began to actually run, I recognized that the disconnect between some stylists and their clients is close to the Mars vs. Venus books divide for men and women.  Many clients seemed frustrated that the average stylist “just doesn’t get it” when it comes to service.  I thought that maybe I could show stylists how they can use a touch of technology and a dash of a new commitment to service to become stars.

So, I have dubbed myself as the beauty matchmaker.  It is now how I describe the company as I approach my first anniversary. Hence, I named the blog as such.  I want to help clients educate themselves about how to take better care of their hair and how to make a better “love connections” with their stylists.  That is what does through the research of our reporters and columns from beauty and skin experts. I like to joke that I may not be able to find you a husband but I can find you a new hairstylist.

But I  also want to help stylists attract more of their target clients to become a six-figure stylists.  This blog will help serve that purpose.

“You are not a stylist…how can you help me?” some may ask.  Well, I want to create a new forum to share with stylists what I hear from clients.  Yes, clients do share things with that they do not tell their stylists.  Some of those things make me laugh.  While others make me think, “Wow, this stylist doesn’t have a clue that she is about to lose a client.”

As a business owner and as someone who truly enjoys the salon experience, I want more hair salons to be thought of as businesses to admire instead of ones just to tolerate.  I will try to make all the new small business marketing mumbo jumbo more relevant to you.  I will share resources that will be helpful to grow your business. And I will tell you how to make more clients belt out the classic Jennifer Holliday (and Hudson) song from Dreamgirls “And I am telling you, I’m not going.”

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