5 Tips to Use Social Media to Attract New Staff

November 6, 2012Blog

Every time I talk to a group of salon owners, hiring good staff is always a major concern. You can reduce your advertising efforts and attract higher quality candidates,  if you include employee recruitment in your ongoing marketing plan. Fortunately, the marketing activities that target premium clients also can appeal to your ideal stylists and front desk staff.

Here are a few tips to use social media to aid in your recruitment process:

  • Update your website. Potential staff may evaluate your website just like new clients. Encourage your social media followers to go to your website to get more detail about your business, including employment opportunities. Don’t waste the opportunity to give potential stylists a flavor of  your working environment. Make sure you put information on your website to help them understand your hiring process and even job requirements.
  • Promote your existing staff on social media. If all the online accolades focus only on the owner, it may be a turn-off for some stylists. Even in a team-oriented culture, there is room to highlight the individuals that make up the group. A simple shout out for kudos for a job well done or an interesting personal tidbit (for example, a new baby) goes a long way.
  • Focus on benefits. When you share job postings on social media, hype up overall benefits of working at your salon. Talk about your culture, your great clients, training opportunities, and your compensation package. Show that you value your staff beyond just robots standing behind chairs. Also, make it clear that you won’t hire anyone with a pulse and a book of clients. Talk about how you can assist to build a career and you will attract higher quality people.
  • Connect with other stylists even if they are working in another salon. I understand many owners question the intention of  some stylists that fish for information without inquiring about a job. However, you never know when one may be casually searching for greener pastures. Interacting with stylists through Facebook and other online groups may help you get to know potential staff before you get close to making a hiring decision. Watch for inappropriate posts or signs that potential new hires may be unable to relate to your core clients. On the flip side, be careful of your own comments to groups. You want to portray yourself as a good potential owner and boss.
  • Follow the beauty schools in your area on social media. As you build relationships with schools offline, consider connecting with a few online.  The social media savvier schools use Facebook to showcase their top students and highlight activities that make their school special. By monitoring the school happenings online, you can better select which programs or events to support in person.
The Final Scoop:
Use social media to build relationships with potential new staff as a regular course of business. You need a clear strategy to ensure you have a good pipeline of applicants. Don’t wait until you are desperate to hire someone.
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