5 ways to gear up to market your salon in 2012

The promise of the New Year excites me. What about you? When people wish you a prosperous New Year do you mentally give yourself a fist pump? Or do you just sigh and flip over the next page on your calendar? I hope it is not the latter. Your clients need you to continue to grow.

Since the holiday season is such a busy time in the beauty business, many of you may have not stopped to revisit your plan for 2012. Although you want to take some time to recharge post the holiday burst, now is a good time to work on your master plan to knock it out the park in 2012.

Here are a few simple things that you can do in January to prepare to grow your salon clientele this year.

Define your 2012 goals for your business. Trust me, you will not be able to significantly grow your business without setting specific objectives for your operations or sales. Preferably, you select ones that you can measure on a regular basis. Will you focus on improving bookings on the days that were slow in 2011? Do you want to expand to offer spa services to attract new clients? Do you want to create a VIP program to help secure your sales from your top clients. Don’t head into 2012 without a plan or strategy to address where you business lagged last year.

Get feedback from your clients. This is the perfect time of year to get feedback on what your clients value from your services, staff, or operations. Make sure that you ask questions that are specific. General feedback will not help you make decisions. For instance if you planned to offer extended hours on Thursdays next month, include a question about this in your survey. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get direct feedback that can help you make decisions that may impact your bottom line. You can give clients a discount or a free product as incentive to complete your survey.

Update your online company profile. Remember, when you quickly filled in your address, phone number, and website in a directory? Well, it has been six months. You have moved, changed your number, and have added new staff. It is easy to complete an online profile then forget about it. Each year you should check all your professional profiles to make sure that it accurately reflects your business today. Bonus tip: You can Google your business name to remind yourself about all the sites where your business is listed.

Claim your pages on social media. You should have accounts set up with your full business name across all the major social media platforms, especially where you know that your current and potential clients hang out. By the end of 2011, a new social media platform even came on the scene, Google PlusBonus tip: Be consistent in the names that you use for your business online. The whole P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs thing may work well for Diddy but not as well for you as you working toward more search engine love. Be consistent with your business name.

Purge your email address lists. Is your email list as overstuffed as your stomach after last week’s holiday dinner? Make it one of your New Year’s resolutions to take your list to the gym to trim the fat. Dump the excess email weight to remove individuals who will never ever read your messages. Run a report in your email tool to identify the names of the people who have not opened any of your emails in 2011. Then, remove them from your list and save some money.

The final scoop:

Make it easier to gear up for all your great client campaigns in 2012 by setting the ground work in January.

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