5 tips to happy salon clients using social media

Happy client enjoying pamperingAre most of your clients REALLY happy?

From my research with clients, many of your clients are NOT happy.

Many salon owners take a short-sighted view and equate a few re-bookings to happiness. This formula does not add up.  The reality is that some of your clients continue to visit but tell their friends, “My salon is too unprofessional for me to recommend to someone else.” Ouch! This is how negative word of mouth can silently hurt your business. Of course, with online reviews sometimes this feedback is not so silent.

Here are some ways that you can generate more warm and fuzzy feelings from your clients….

1) Focus on the potential lifetime client relationship not just a single transaction. To hit your financial goals, you must track things like the average spend per visit and the number of clients per day. However, your top clients want you to recognize their value over multiple years, not just the next transaction. Use your online communications to help show this. Post more than just promotions on your Twitter and Facebook business pages. Mix in posts on current events and non-beauty topics relevant to your clients.

2) Use a blog to provide at-home advice online. When you fail to provide on-going resources to support your clients outside the salon, you push them into arms of non-professionals. Your role as a beauty adviser becomes threatened. In order to ensure that your business continues to be viewed as a go-to resource for product and styling advice, use a blog to join the online conversation. Make a list of possible topics that address common client hair concerns, misconceptions, or questions. For meaty topics, you may need to create a few posts or videos to cover a topic.

3) Encourage your clients to share the scoop they have found online with you. Today, when a woman has a traumatic hair experience, she announces the tragedy to her friends on Facebook. Her friends then suggest 3 to 5 YouTube video mavens or Facebook pages she should follow to help. Suddenly, she is second-guessing the education provided by your staff. I recommend that you ask your clients directly, “What info have you found online about XYZ?” This is an opportunity to extend your consultation to help them filter fact vs. fiction.

4) Publicly highlight special clients each month. Everyone wants to feel like they are special and appreciated. This is really easy to do now with social media. Give you client a shout out on Facebook for being a good client. Or, celebrate a milestone or success for individual or groups of clients. For instance, “Congratulations to our 2011 graduates: Michelle Brown, Tara White, and Marie Jones.”

5) Reward staff for good customer service. Too many salons let stylists with “attitude” problems run rampant because they do “good hair.”  Be careful not to overlook the efforts of the stylists that provide great service and contribute positively to you business’s brand. Since good service is typically left to be rewarded by your clients in the form of tips, make sure you have a way to track their service ratings.  Acknowledge a job well done by your staff on your Facebook wall and offer other creative incentives to encourage them to continue.

The final scoop:

You may not always get a sale every time you participate in social media. However, your investment in effort can help the relationships with your clients, the salon industry, and your community. Take the time to nurture these connections to help increase your lifetime value of each client.

If you want more education on how to turn your happy clients into a wealth creation tool, click here to sign up for my complimentary call.

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