4 holiday marketing ideas for your salon

Unlike any other time of the year, your clients may not be as self-centered as normal. Yes, it is true. Let’s ignore for a moment that you may see an increase in last-minute appointment requests to get ready for that big holiday party. Many clients are running around buying gifts for their loved ones, planning holiday parties, and reflecting on how fortunate they are to be able to afford pampering at your business. Why not incorporate the giving season into your marketing efforts?

The holidays are a good excuse to create more seasonal marketing initiatives. Here are a few ideas to consider…

1) Participate in a giving campaign for a charity. If you don’t have the time to plan everything yourself, you can partner with groups like Glamour Gone Good. This volunteer organization is dedicated to engaging glamour industry professionals in charitable giving activities to raise funds for women’s  and girls’ charities. You can sign up to participate in their 12 Days of GGGiving campaign from Dec 6 through 17.  The program is simple. Glamour Gone Good will guide you to create a 12 day promotional campaign to promote your products and services for your business. To participate, each salon agrees to donate a portion of the proceeds from sales made during this period to one of their identified charities, including Dress For Success, Girls Educational Mentoring Services (GEMS) and Sister to Sister: The Women’s Heart Health Foundation. Sign up here to participate for free.

2) Allow local organizations to use your venue for a holiday party. Most professional or social organizations in your town will likely have some sort of end of year event. Make a list of some in your area that your target clients may belong. Volunteer to be the host, and ask for a few minutes to address the crowd to inform them about your services. Provide services like skin or hair consultations, massages or a make-up applications. This is a promotion that makes your business memorable.

3) Sell gift certificates online. It is good to sell certificates inside the salon but in the Internet age, this is not enough. You could be losing out on an impulse sale to buy a makeover gift certificate for a friend at 2 a.m. Make it easy for consumers to buy a gift certificate online for products and/or services. Most salon business software allow you to easily create gift cards, collect the payment, and track how many you sold. If you have not picked a software yet, try Mind Body Online. If you mention My Salon Scoop at this link, you can get one month free.

4) Connect with bloggers looking for a holiday and new year beauty tips. Giving the gift of good beauty and grooming advice can be done all year round. But near the end of the year, there will be many publishers creating “best of the year” lists. Don’t forget about the thousands of online writers looking for the beauty scoop. Beauty professionals can give more credibility to top product lists based on more experience using the product on a variety of clients. Help the bloggers get online cred to their list. If they include a comment in the blog post that says “Roseanne at Smarty Pants Salon recommends” with hopefully a link to your website, you have reached your goal. Send a quick email to some of the bloggers that you know (or follow on social media) and mention that you can help with these end-of-year posts.

The Final Scoop:

The season my feel like its in full swing by the time we get to Thanksgiving. However, you still have time to take advantage of the holiday season. Give of your time, space, or expertise and reap the rewards of positive press…and karma.

  1. Ola's Designs says:

    I love these ideas. Currently, I am renting a chair. However, the ideas I read here have stimulated ideas of my own. Thank you.

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