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Give ‘Em The Scalp Massage

Bob Farrell (Source:

I went to a great seminar yesterday that discussed how you can stand out from the competition with service. The lessons came from fifty-year business veteran turned motivational speaker, Bob Farrell.  After selling his original ice cream parlor franchise back in the ’70s, he became a motivational speaker and customer service guru. He travels across the country teaching owners of service-based businesses the importance of giving ‘em customer the pickle™. Let’s discuss the implications for the health and beauty industries. Continue reading “Give ‘Em The Scalp Massage” »

5 Signs You Need More Online Reviews

Online salon reviewsHave you signed up for a few free salon listing directories but hesitant to encourage your clients to review you? Well, the reviews count, too. Online reviews matter for SEO and in the minds of your potential clients. According to a study by Bright Local, consumers like to read up to 10 reviews before making a decision about which local businesses to use. Continue reading “5 Signs You Need More Online Reviews” »

Contribute Your Talent to Beauty Bloggers to Promote Your Business

For the last few years, a new group has had influence over your clients’ view of style and hair care practices− beauty bloggers. The top beauty and fashion bloggers are often in as much demand as the beauty pros from iconic magazines like Elle and Essence. In addition, product companies like L’Oreal now turn to these bloggers for insight on what consumers want. Continue reading “Contribute Your Talent to Beauty Bloggers to Promote Your Business” »

5 ways to gear up to market your salon in 2012

The promise of the New Year excites me. What about you? When people wish you a prosperous New Year do you mentally give yourself a fist pump? Or do you just sigh and flip over the next page on your calendar? I hope it is not the latter. Your clients need you to continue to grow. Continue reading “5 ways to gear up to market your salon in 2012” »

Get your clients to “check-in” to improve the word of mouth for your salon business

From the comfort of a chair in your salon or barber shop, your clients can “check-in” to your business and instantly tell hundreds of their friends about you. Yes, just one click. Does that motivate you to add another tool to your social media arsenal? Continue reading “Get your clients to “check-in” to improve the word of mouth for your salon business” »

How to Get Over the Blogging Hump

Blogging is a way to have influence beyond the salon. I wrote about how to develop new content ideas with ease earlier. However, I realized from talking to some stylists recently that just getting started is a big hump for many folks. Continue reading “How to Get Over the Blogging Hump” »

How online reviews can help market your salon business

Do the words “I read a review about you online” make you nervous or excited? If you are in the hair salon business, it means that your work inspires people to talk about you.

Having online reviews can help new clients learn about your services and make the decision to book an appointment. The more savvy salon owner works to leverage these reviews to turbocharge her word of mouth marketing effort. Sometimes a vote for you in an online review can be worth hundreds of visits and thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Continue reading “How online reviews can help market your salon business” »

How to work the inbox: E-mail marketing tips

E-mail is your friend. Really, it is.

Even in the age of Facebook, the studies still show that email is one of the most effective ways to communicate online. E-mail allows you to connect with your clients away from the chair. As a hairstylist, you have an advantage over other businesses jockeying for attention in your clients’ inboxes.  You already have developed a personal relationship. People like hearing from their inner circle of advisers and friends.

As a marketer, I constantly try to think of new ways to become that e-mail that my readers can’t wait to read (feel free to tell me how I am doing). When I started to get really serious about email, I studied all the emails that I really enjoyed reading to see what I could learn from others. Continue reading “How to work the inbox: E-mail marketing tips” »

Appointment book entries or gold mine?: How to work your loyal salon clients to get more sales

Learn more about your profitable clients from your database (Photo credit: iStockphoto)

Many salons under-estimate the power of the information that they can collect each time a client walks through the door. Imagine if you knew that if you could find 50 more people like your next appointment, you could expand your existing salon or finally open up your own salon. Let’s call this gold mine of a client a super client.

By using the information in your database, you no longer need to worry about chasing everyone who gets off the bus in front of your salon. You can be more targeted. You can focus on your need for 50 super clients. You may break down that goal even further to decide that it makes sense to set a goal of getting five new super clients each month. Continue reading “Appointment book entries or gold mine?: How to work your loyal salon clients to get more sales” »

Facebook: Your New Hot Styling Tool

Are you on Facebook yet? And I don’t mean connecting with your best friend from the fifth grade and your cousin Ray. Facebook can be a great place to market your business, especially if you are trying to reach women. A recent study validated what I had already observed.  One-third of women between 18-34 check Facebook first thing in the morning when they wake up. Yes, this means your clients, too.

According to Facebook, 400 million members have active accounts on the addictive social networking site. It is hard for most small business owners, especially those trying to reach consumers like hair salons, to ignore Facebook. Continue reading “Facebook: Your New Hot Styling Tool” »