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Worth every penny-When raising your prices makes sense

Janet Jackson in concert in Atlantic City, NJ (Photo credit:

Recently, I saw one of my favorite artists, Janet Jackson, in concert. When I first saw her perform on the big stage in 1998, I got a hook-up for a ticket from one of my insider friends. Although, I claimed Janet as my girl since “Control,” I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to invest in seeing Rhythm Nation performed live, even though I could practically perform all the moves on stage with her. I went to the concert and it was fabulous. She had convinced me that the full value ticket price was worth every penny. Continue reading “Worth every penny-When raising your prices makes sense” »

The Kitchen Beauticians Have Nothing on You, Right?

Dr. Kari Williams of Mahogany Hair Revolution and V. Woods

What separates you from the woman “bumping ends” in her kitchen? The answer must be training and expertise. If the salon experience that you create does not highlight this advantage, turn in your $200 flat iron now.

Last week, I staged a live “Ask A Stylist” session with Dr. Kari Williams from Mahogany Hair Revolution of Los Angeles, Ca. During the event, I watched Williams fully accept and thrive in her role as a hair care educator.  I observed the hair-nistas as they pounced on her with questions.  I could tell that a few of them thought, “Wow, I wish my stylist talked to me like that.”

Used correctly, flaunting your expertise can be the hook that keeps your clients coming back and glowing about your services to their friends. Continue reading “The Kitchen Beauticians Have Nothing on You, Right?” »

Are You Worth It?

I had a great time at the Beauty Superstar symposium a few weeks ago.  I got to spend a day listening to the pressing issues of hairstylists from Portland to Miami. Salon coach Miki Wright and the Beauty Superstars team almost allowed me to give a mannequin a haircut but I advised that this probably would not be a great idea.

Pricing emerged as important issue.  Many stylists had concerns about whether their pricing was too low. Are you pricing what you are worth?  Do you think a change in your pricing will scare off your core clients? Continue reading “Are You Worth It?” »