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Are You Worth It?

I had a great time at the Beauty Superstar symposium a few weeks ago.  I got to spend a day listening to the pressing issues of hairstylists from Portland to Miami. Salon coach Miki Wright and the Beauty Superstars team almost allowed me to give a mannequin a haircut but I advised that this probably would not be a great idea.

Pricing emerged as important issue.  Many stylists had concerns about whether their pricing was too low. Are you pricing what you are worth?  Do you think a change in your pricing will scare off your core clients? Continue reading “Are You Worth It?” »

Blog Re-Styled

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My blog is back but re-styled.

When I started off on the journey to launch, I began with Hair Chronicles.  Part therapy, part entertainment, the blog caught fire.  Those posts shaped the tone of the future site.

When I began to actually run, I recognized that the disconnect between some stylists and their clients is close to the Mars vs. Venus books divide for men and women.  Many clients seemed frustrated that the average stylist “just doesn’t get it” when it comes to service.  I thought that maybe I could show stylists how they can use a touch of technology and a dash of a new commitment to service to become stars. Continue reading “Blog Re-Styled” »