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Worth every penny-When raising your prices makes sense

Janet Jackson in concert in Atlantic City, NJ (Photo credit:

Recently, I saw one of my favorite artists, Janet Jackson, in concert. When I first saw her perform on the big stage in 1998, I got a hook-up for a ticket from one of my insider friends. Although, I claimed Janet as my girl since “Control,” I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to invest in seeing Rhythm Nation performed live, even though I could practically perform all the moves on stage with her. I went to the concert and it was fabulous. She had convinced me that the full value ticket price was worth every penny. Continue reading “Worth every penny-When raising your prices makes sense” »

Fast Food and Hair

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Do you know if you have “fast food” clientele?  These clients want to just get in and out of your salon chair at a reasonable price.  They really don’t have any more loyalty to you than the salon across town.  They expect you to be available for an appointment at a moment’s notice just like when they crave some fries. This has driven the rise in popularity of the Dominican hair salons in cities along the East Coast. Continue reading “Fast Food and Hair” »