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Tech savvy is style savvy

Let technology help you step up your game (Photo credit: Getty Images)

At my CyberBusiness session at the Extension Expo last weekend, I challenged the attendees to think of the new social media tools as go-to flat irons for their word-of-mouth marketing efforts. You can no longer respond to the introduction of new technology like the young slave girl in the movie “Gone with the Wind” who said “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies.” Don’t psyche yourself out of using tools that can save you time and make you money. Continue reading “Tech savvy is style savvy” »

Appointment book entries or gold mine?: How to work your loyal salon clients to get more sales

Learn more about your profitable clients from your database (Photo credit: iStockphoto)

Many salons under-estimate the power of the information that they can collect each time a client walks through the door. Imagine if you knew that if you could find 50 more people like your next appointment, you could expand your existing salon or finally open up your own salon. Let’s call this gold mine of a client a super client.

By using the information in your database, you no longer need to worry about chasing everyone who gets off the bus in front of your salon. You can be more targeted. You can focus on your need for 50 super clients. You may break down that goal even further to decide that it makes sense to set a goal of getting five new super clients each month. Continue reading “Appointment book entries or gold mine?: How to work your loyal salon clients to get more sales” »