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The ‘black salon’ branding problem

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In order to attract and retain upscale clientele, you may have to address the “black salon” branding problem head on. Let’s face it together to help you meet your sales goals.

Recently, a client told me about a post about the increase in multicultural salons. Under pressure from the economy, many black salons have been forced to close their doors, according to the article. This is not news, right?  The overall industry showed a decrease in salons last year.  What may be more interesting is where these former salon owners are going to work. Many have rejoined the employee ranks as stylists within larger salons like Saks Fifth Avenue and JCPenney. Even this is not really CNN-worthy.  African-American stylists have hung up their shears in traditional white salons for years. Continue reading “The ‘black salon’ branding problem” »

Fine Dining vs. McHair Salons-What Are You?

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A business school friend alerted me to the May 12 Wall Street Journal article, Much Ado About Straightening: Black Salons Face New Competition.  He wondered what was the fuss about hair salons.  The article brought national attention to the rise in popularity of salons owned by transplants from the Dominican Republic.  Circles of black women have been buzzing for years about the service differences between the “traditional black salon” vs. their Dominican counterparts, especially in cities like New York.

Although Dominican hair salons are not new (trend started in New York City in the 1980s, according to the Wall Street Journal article), the economic times have forced many women to re-think their options for professional hair salon services. For those unfamiliar with the Dominican hair salon model, I will attempt to describe how a typical one operates.  I acknowledge that I will need to make some gross generalizations to make make my point.

The Dominican salon experience can be best described by the term “McHair.” The McHair salon offers $15 wash and blow dry/roller set services in a factory-like fashion.  These salons attract clients that are most concerned with cost and are more than willing to sacrifice frills. Many women say that they bring their own products for their salon visits. Continue reading “Fine Dining vs. McHair Salons-What Are You?” »