June 15, 2011

Get a business breakthrough with a VIP Intensive Day

Maybe your expertise lies with creating beautiful hair artistry. Or, you spend so much of your time putting out one fires that you miss out on opportunities to truly explode your business. Growth requires a clear vision of your market, business strengths, and unique value. And, you need a step by step plan of ACTION.

Get help with this plan by scheduling a VIP Day with Veronica. Leverage her MBA training and knowledge of best business practices inside and outside the world of beauty by spending a focused session just talking about YOUR business.

Through a VIP Intensive Day, you can work with Veronica to …

  • Increase profitability with an examination of where you are making and losing money today.
  • Get accelerated progress to grow new service offerings with a rock solid plan that your team can implement month by month to achieve your goals.
  • Increase average spend per client through more effective marketing, by leveraging your understanding of the clients already in your database
  • Attract better staff because you can implement plans that match the vision for your business
  • Increase your client retention by using new creative strategies to communicate to your clients inside and outside the salon

Options for in-person Full Day, Half Day, or Power Phone session exists, depending on your needs and location.

With a VIP Day, you will:

  • Participate in a hands-on strategy and brainstorming session to map out how to achieve your business goals
  • Receive accountability and structure to reach your business goals over the next 90 days or up to the next year.
  • Have access to a written summary report based on recommendations post-meeting. (report shared same day for immediate results)
  • Get support post-session via email
Before the scheduled VIP Day, Veronica will work with you to create a mutually agreeable agenda so that your time is spent covering the topics that will have the biggest impact on the growth of your business.

Other Consulting Help

If you need support on an on-going or short-term project  (including business plans, expansions, new business opportunities, etc.), I can create a custom proposal to meet your needs.

If you think that VIP Day or other consulting help could help your business, you can apply for a complimentary strategy session to determine if Veronica is a fit for you. Click here to complete the application form.

If you have any questions, you can email me at or give me a call at 973-996-8345 to chat further.