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Employee Handbooks: Does Your Salon Have One?

August 6, 2013Blog

The following is a guest Blog Post from Norma Anderson, CEO of Salon Voices.Employee handbook

Has a situation at your salon ever arose where you don’t know how to handle it or your employee doesn’t agree with the consequences? Your answer is probably, YES! There is a solution to all this mayhem…employee handbooks. Continue reading “Employee Handbooks: Does Your Salon Have One?” »

7 Tips To Make The Most of Your Mother’s Day Promotions

Mother’s Day is one commercial holiday where women like to indulge in all things beauty. If you are reading this post with plans already underway for the big beauty weekend, great! In the midst of your busy week, I wanted to share a few quick tips to optimize some of the most popular Mother’s Day promotion ideas to reap a return long into September. Continue reading “7 Tips To Make The Most of Your Mother’s Day Promotions” »

4 Tips to Watch Marketing ROI

If you are worried about staying within your marketing budget, it is important to understand your Return on Investment for every marketing expense.

I recently read a  report published by Boston Consulting Group that looked at how small businesses use online advertising. The study found that although many businesses now invest in social media and websites, many did not put much thought into their overall digital strategy.  Sadly, most do not realize when they are leaving money on the table due to their own marketing choices. Continue reading “4 Tips to Watch Marketing ROI” »

Give ‘Em The Scalp Massage

Bob Farrell (Source:

I went to a great seminar yesterday that discussed how you can stand out from the competition with service. The lessons came from fifty-year business veteran turned motivational speaker, Bob Farrell.  After selling his original ice cream parlor franchise back in the ’70s, he became a motivational speaker and customer service guru. He travels across the country teaching owners of service-based businesses the importance of giving ‘em customer the pickle™. Let’s discuss the implications for the health and beauty industries. Continue reading “Give ‘Em The Scalp Massage” »

5 Tips to Use Social Media to Attract New Staff

November 6, 2012Blog

Every time I talk to a group of salon owners, hiring good staff is always a major concern. You can reduce your advertising efforts and attract higher quality candidates,  if you include employee recruitment in your ongoing marketing plan. Fortunately, the marketing activities that target premium clients also can appeal to your ideal stylists and front desk staff. Continue reading “5 Tips to Use Social Media to Attract New Staff” »

4 Tips to Improve Customer Service with Salon Business Software

You may admit that using salon business software can help you keep a pulse on your business by monitoring sales trends and employee productivity—even if you under-utilize the reports at your fingertips. But do you also know that some common features can help you wow your clients with great customer service. In addition, it can help free up time to focus on the rest of your operations. Continue reading “4 Tips to Improve Customer Service with Salon Business Software” »

6 Tips to Build Profitable Alliances To Grow Your Business

Some of your best promotional opportunities lie with some of the businesses around you. Together, you can capture the attention of potential new clients, wow them into loyalty, and leap over tall buildings—or at least conquer budget constraints. By working together, you can cast a bigger net to attract more clients and have more successful promotions this holiday season. Continue reading “6 Tips to Build Profitable Alliances To Grow Your Business” »

The Brand Equation for an A-List Salon

If I asked you, “What is the “Your Salon Way,” how would you respond?  You have to decide how you want to distinguish your business from the other beauty and personal care businesses in your area.  Are you a visionary type that can create your own new cutting, coloring, or extension technique? Or are you working to create a unique customer service experience, with special hours or front-desk greetings? Do you want to be known as an overall image consultant for your clients? Defining your brand in this way will help you stand out. Continue reading “The Brand Equation for an A-List Salon” »

Local News Websites Can Bring More Business

If most of your salon clients live within a 30 mile radius of your business, your local marketing efforts will continue to be most important. Today, local marketing means more than including information about your business in the local Money Mailer envelope, sending out postcards to residents in a target zip code, or costly tv/radio advertising. It can now include cost-effective online methods of marketing through hyperlocal news websites. Continue reading “Local News Websites Can Bring More Business” »

5 Tips to Communicate With Your Salon Clients Beyond the Chair

Do you think that your happiest clients only want to hear from you at the salon? If you do, you are wrong.

As a hair artist professional, you enjoy a very personal relationship with your clients. That is why clients actually have to break up with you to walk away. And, many want more advice from you than you could feasibly convey within a single appointment setting. For any good relationship, it takes good communication to be successful. In this case, success comes in the form of high client retention rates if you can master nurturing your client relationships effectively. Continue reading “5 Tips to Communicate With Your Salon Clients Beyond the Chair” »