The Kitchen Beauticians Have Nothing on You, Right?

Dr. Kari Williams of Mahogany Hair Revolution and V. Woods

What separates you from the woman “bumping ends” in her kitchen? The answer must be training and expertise. If the salon experience that you create does not highlight this advantage, turn in your $200 flat iron now.

Last week, I staged a live “Ask A Stylist” session with Dr. Kari Williams from Mahogany Hair Revolution of Los Angeles, Ca. During the event, I watched Williams fully accept and thrive in her role as a hair care educator.  I observed the hair-nistas as they pounced on her with questions.  I could tell that a few of them thought, “Wow, I wish my stylist talked to me like that.”

Used correctly, flaunting your expertise can be the hook that keeps your clients coming back and glowing about your services to their friends.

Your expertise as a beauty consultant should be well-known to your clients. You should not minimize your art form by saying that you just “do hair.” “Doing hair” is a step above doing laundry which sounds like a chore that anyone can do.  What you offer, beauty consulting services, requires study and practice.  You graduated from cosmetology school.  You learned about the latest techniques and products from the best in the field at various hair shows across—well, if you don’t that is a post for a later time.

Establishing yourself as a knowledgeable hair care professional allows you to do a number of things:

  • Clarify your superiority over the “kitchen beauticians.” Hair-nistas tell me that they often get a better hair care education from the YouTube heros than from their own stylists. Even without formal training, these hair gurus command the attention of your clients. Make sure that your clients recognize your professional touch with every service.
  • Build client trust to explore new styles and products. Many clients are afraid of change by nature. If they think that you are fumbling and bumbling your way through her appointment, she will limit what she will allow you to do. Do your clients only book wash and style appointments with you and more advanced services with someone else?
  • Validate charging premium prices. If you want to charge premium prices, you need to find ways to create superior experiences for your clients.  Experts in their fields demand higher prices for all types of service providers from attorneys and accountants to hairstylists.

Things you can do:

  1. Participate in online hair care discussions where clients visit like Long Hair Care Forums and (shameless plug, I know). By joining the conversations you appear like you are confident in your craft.
  2. Seek out opportunities for interviews for online or offline magazine articles or blog posts. Free publicity is a gift.
  3. Host hair care workshops for the clients in your salon. You can collaborate with other beauty providers to create an afternoon of beauty.
  4. Create your own videos.  Don’t let the amateur You-Tube stars have all the fun.  With a simple webcam or flipcam in your salon, you can create educational content that can be shared on Facebook or your website.
  5. Write your own articles for your blog or newsletter to give tips. Or share well-written ones from credible sources. You get as much credit for sharing good information as creating it on your own. Post updates to your Facebook fans.

Again, remember, you are the expert beauty consultant. Embrace it.

  1. I am thrilled to see you encouraging education, professionalism and exceptional client experience. As Beauty industry professionals we must first respect our own profession and understand the impact and influence we have on the community as a whole.When we hold ourselves to a higher standard then we will see that we don’t just “do hair”. Thank you.

  2. [...] Don’t let the “Kitchen Beauticians” outshine you by instructing your clients more than you do.  According to recent studies, there are about 2 billion YouTube videos uploaded everyday.  Yes, a lot may be craziness but it has created stars out of folks with pretty hair and swagger in front of the camera.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, showing your expertise is one of the strongest ways to keep your clients loyal.  Creating videos allow you to extend your “chair talk” time when your clients are at home and gives more opportunity to influence them. [...]

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