Helping to create prom fierceness leads to happy clients, great PR for hair salons

Date? Check. Dress? Check. Next, mothers across the country ask,”Now what am I supposed to do with her hair?”

April begins prom season, which will quickly be followed by graduation season. This is a great time to introduce your business to teen clients. Some of these teen clients may graduate from being just one-time special occasion appointments to become 20-year clients with the right salon experience. Besides generating new bookings in the short term, you have the opportunity to connect your brand with your community.

Here are a few ways to incorporate prom season into your salon marketing efforts:

1) Offer special prom packages. Many mothers feel guilty with splurging on their kids outside of the holidays. Furthermore, women must wrestle with decisions to cut back on their own personal care expenses. Why not create a seasonal package to make it easier for them. Some salons  make an extra effort to cater to teen clients all year long, like Felicity Children’s Salon. Creating affordable packages geared toward teens may mean generating new business that you may not otherwise get.

2) Contribute to fundraisers sponsored by community groups. I love the Brooklyn Prom Project idea that one Brooklyn, N.Y. mom created. The charity, in its second year, helps collect donations for both young women and men to dazzle their dates with prom gear. For a charity such as this, a salon could volunteer to be a drop off spot, donate coupons for discounted services, or help out at the schools. Besides a warm heart, you can also gain positive word of mouth for your role as a responsible member of your community.

3) Consider running special hours just for students in target neighborhoods or schools. This is an opportunity to position your salon as the convenient option. And, it allows you to multiply your marketing efforts by reaching 100s of girls at a time.  Use the prom as a chance to connect with the girls directly.

4) Considering partnering with other businesses. The prom industry is valued at $4 billion. Many business want to target high school girls during prom season to get a slice of the pie. Consider working with a school to facilitate a pre-prom makeover event. You could collaborate with local photographers, limousine rental companies, or dress shops to pool your marketing budgets together.

The final scoop:

Build the prom season into your marketing calendar every year. Don’t necessarily expect a stampede of girls into your salons. But focus on the creation of long term relationships with younger women and your community.

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