Local News Websites Can Bring More Business

If most of your salon clients live within a 30 mile radius of your business, your local marketing efforts will continue to be most important. Today, local marketing means more than including information about your business in the local Money Mailer envelope, sending out postcards to residents in a target zip code, or costly tv/radio advertising. It can now include cost-effective online methods of marketing through hyperlocal news websites.

Hyperlocal sites are news websites that focus on the happenings of one particular town or neighborhood. Typically, these sites allow businesses to post a descriptive listing in a directory, submit press releases about your community outreach, recruit staff in a classified section, and share details of upcoming events in an event calendar. Often, the business directories includes a beauty/barber/spa section that allows consumers to leave ratings and reviews.

Hyperlocal sites are great because they:

1) Focus on readers that have a higher probability of supporting your business. Investing a lot of money to attract site visitors that will never book an appointment is not effective. The more you know about the background of your clients, the better you can smartly direct your marketing dollars to online communities that your target clients read. Although the local news sites do not have the same national brand recognition, they do have a more targeted email list of readers.

2) Generally lower cost. Many of the promotion opportunities on hyperlocal sites are free. There are also paid options to creative banner advertisements. The ad rates vary by the online publication typically but are much cheaper than the same ad printed in the traditional local newspaper or magazine.

3) Help with your own site’s SEO. The more places that you can post your website url, the higher you can rank within search engines like Google and Bing. Also, Google gives your business more credibility when you have more published articles about you as a business owner or your business.

Here are a few examples of hyperlocal websites across the country:

http://patch.com (the largest network of over 800 sites across 22 states and Washington DC. It is owned by AOL)




The Final Scoop:

Review the hyperlocal websites that covers the neighborhood for your business as well as where many of your clients live. Don’t miss out on free targeted advertising.

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