Facebook: Your New Hot Styling Tool

Are you on Facebook yet? And I don’t mean connecting with your best friend from the fifth grade and your cousin Ray. Facebook can be a great place to market your business, especially if you are trying to reach women. A recent study validated what I had already observed.  One-third of women between 18-34 check Facebook first thing in the morning when they wake up. Yes, this means your clients, too.

According to Facebook, 400 million members have active accounts on the addictive social networking site. It is hard for most small business owners, especially those trying to reach consumers like hair salons, to ignore Facebook.

If you want to use Facebook for business, start by setting up a Page with a vanity Facebook url that includes the name of your business. Click the button to suggest your Page to your clients so that they can “Like” you.

Consider these tips to help maximize your presence on Facebook:

1) Show your work

You can start with camera phone images of your clients fresh out of the chair. You may want to encourage clients to upload images of your work, too. Then, you can graduate to professional quality images from a staged photo shoot that show that you are really serious about your craft.

Sometimes clients don’t feel as comfortable vouching for your skills beyond how you do their hair. For example, maybe your clients don’t even know about your plans to gain more natural hair clients.  If you showcase some of your best work, they will know (and begin to tell their friends that you provide this service).

2) Share your personality

Facebook allows you to share some of the personality that your clients enjoy while they sit in your chair. You should try to engage in a dialogue with your clients in a way that reflects the vibe of your salon. Some salons have been successful by posting motivational quotes. If that doesn’t quite feel like your style, you can invite clients to weigh in on current events.

You can also just show that you care by promoting a cause that you and your clients care about. I loved the campaign that Ego Salon in Tennessee ran recently where they asked clients to donate gently used shampoos in exchange for 20% off professional salon branded products.  The salon makes donations to local women’s shelters. Community-minded clients want to know that you care.

The more connected your clients feel to you, the better chance that you have to keep them.

3) Give tips

Every time you share a good beauty tip, you increase your worth as a stylist. Clients who are knowledgeable about good hair practices can often appreciate your value the most. I love the slogan from Syms clothing store:An educated consumer is our best customer.”

Facebook gives you a way to easily share the scoop with your clients.  You save time while also complementing your chair-side explanations of how they can maintain the beautiful heads of hair that you helped to achieve.  Don’t worry about trying to create all the tips yourself.  You can post an article from a blog or online magazine. Or you can even post a good video that another stylist has created and throw in your own two cents.

The Scoop

Facebook is yet another new tool that is available for you to interact with your clients and attract new ones that can appreciate your services. It takes some work to get into a rhythm of making status updates and sharing info that ring true to your own style. Think of it as the new flat iron in your arsenal.

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