Dust off your email list to save money

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Do you ever brag that you have 3,000 email addresses sitting in your Constant Contact account even though you never use it? Do you say that when you have time, you will start emailing again? Guess, what. You are wasting money.

I participated in a email marketing workshop last week from MarketingProfs that broke down the money you waste by not paying attention to your email lists.

Here is how ignoring your list can cost you:

Pay for dead weight: Many of the email providers charge you by the amount of e-mail addresses that are active on your account. You have to pay for monthly fee related to your email count regardless of whether 50% of your emails will never make it to an inbox even if you tried.

Fail to learn about email address changes: When you send out emails on a regular basis, you are cleaning your list in the process. If you use an email tool like Constant Contact, MailChimp or iContact. With Constant Contact, you can review reports of how many of your emails were mailed to now non-existent email addresses. Mailchimp automates the process to delete bad email addresses for you. Without these kind of processes in place, you waste time sending emails that will never be received.

How did you get my email?: When the magical day comes when you are ready to dust off your email list, your subscribers have forgotten that they gave you permission to send an email. If clients are not familiar with your email address, they make hit the spam button first and ask questions later. This may not have an immediate wallet impact but it prevents you from getting the most out of a potential email referral. Remember, you want to use email to extend your word of mouth.

The Final Scoop

So what do you do? Honestly, if you are a thriving business you should have something to say once a month. You are paying to use the service anyway. Think of ways to remind your clients of what is going on with your business. You don’t have to have a hot new promotion or give out discounts. Just let your clients know that you are thinking about them. Remember, every client wants to feel special.

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