Contribute Your Talent to Beauty Bloggers to Promote Your Business

For the last few years, a new group has had influence over your clients’ view of style and hair care practices− beauty bloggers. The top beauty and fashion bloggers are often in as much demand as the beauty pros from iconic magazines like Elle and Essence. In addition, product companies like L’Oreal now turn to these bloggers for insight on what consumers want.

Why is this important? If you serve as a resource for these bloggers, you will have a new opportunity to share your talents (or your staff’s) with large volumes of your target clients in a cost-effective manner.

As a service professional, a blog can be a powerful tool to include in your marketing efforts.  This includes not only managing your own blog but also contributing to other websites.

What does it take to contribute? It starts by letting bloggers know that you are available. Then, you must show how what you have to say can benefit their audience. Often, it only takes a 30 minute phone conversation with a writer or a written response to 2 or 3 questions that you send back over email.  You often may be asked to provide photos of your work.

Here are a few tips to consider to have more success when you approach bloggers:

  1. Target the blogs that have the personality and lifestyle profile of your target clients. For instance, if your salon provides many varieties of chemical services, you may not want to reach out to the blogs that are only followed by the natural hair purists. You don’t want to ask the blog owner to compromise her values. And, you want to be authentic. It is a good idea to ask some of your clients which blogs that they read.
  2. Be ready to respond to bloggers that reach out to you. The spotlight can be yours if you are ready. Imagine that tomorrow you get an email or phone call from someone who wants to feature you in their blog. What do you do? Do you scramble to put together a bio and list of past interview experiences? Or do you send over a media kit and just ask “what is your deadline?” Special note: Make sure that you have a professional high resolution head shot ready. If you send anything less, you may risk the publisher not using your picture. In addition, you will not leave as professional an impression as you may have hoped.
  3. Stand out with your comments. Show that you have real expertise and avoid “no frill” comments. The editor wants you to shine in the post so that he can look brilliant for finding you. When you don’t, you create extra work for him to spruce up your comments to sound more interesting. As a publisher, I can tell you that when we received generic responses, the team began to wonder “did we make a mistake with calling her?” Don’t let that be you.
  4. Reach out to the bloggers first. Anyone who is running an online blog or magazine is always on the hunt for new story ideas and content. If the blogger’s main experience revolves around only their own hair and makeup routine, they may welcome someone who can offer a broader perspective. Drop them a simple email to compliment them on their work. And, don’t forget to start following the blogger  on Twitter and commenting on her Facebook posts. This way the blog owner begins to view you a someone who wants to contribute to their cause.

The final scoop:

Make sure that you are ready to take advantage of opportunities to either be a guest blogger or resource for a blog post. It may require a little work but I promise that it will be worthwhile.

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