Blog hard or go home-Why salons should blog more

Don't run away from the opportunity to blog (Photo credit: iStockphoto)

What do I want to write about in my blog this week? What have I been discussing lately with my clients? Do I remember a question that a client asked but I could only give a quick answer?

When you sit down to face that new but blank page in your blog, these questions should be running through your mind. These questions can turn into the outline for your next blog post and stomp out the “what do I write about” fog.

Before I go on to give you some tips for blogging success, I must give this public announcement. Please, please, please resist the urge to abandon your blog like a failed New Year’s resolution. For some of you, it may be right up there with losing weight and saving money. All of these goals have one thing in common…they are good for you (and your business).

Okay, I am down from the soapbox. Here are my tips:

1) Keep up your regular maintenance. Just like you want your clients to see you on a consistent basis, for their health of their hair (and so they don’t think that the grass is greener), you have to find a rhythm to your blog. If you don’t post new articles on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis, your clients lose interest and or worse, forget that you have a blog. Your clients expect to read your blog on a regular basis. This does not require sticking to some rigid schedule. My personal goal for my blog—hey, I am in the time struggle with you—is to post a new entry every two weeks. Sometimes, I hit the mark. If I have a rough stretch, I only publish once a month. But, the point is that I always publish. Is your last blog post six months old?

2) Make sure that your blog style sounds like you. You want to have your blog read professional. But make sure it sounds like you. When I ghost write even a Facebook update, I try to think about what my client would say if she spoke in her voice. Why? Because, I know that your post will only stand out to your followers if it really sounds like you. Your clients are hit over the head every day with emails and Facebook updates about news and interesting stuff. They don’t want to hear from the “fake” Shawn or something that they read on a product website. Your blog should have and reflect the personality of your business.

3) Show your expertise. You only have your clients in your chair for a limited amount of time. Use your blog to emphasize a new product or service that you may have only had time to give a two minute overview. A blog is a great way to educate your clients and promote your services at the same time. Share your recent photos of your work or talk about what you learned at a recent class or hair show.

4) Mix it up. If staring at a blank sheet of paper or post form seems overwhelming, you have a few options to mix things up. You can create a post of mostly photos from your portfolio where you can describe how you achieved each look. Another alternative is to respond to the an article written by someone else. Perhaps, someone sent you a link to an article to which you either strongly disagree or wildly agree.  You can write a post or make a video response to give your take and then include a link back to the original article (the original author will love the link love).

The final scoop

Keep on blogging. Your clients would love to hear from you after they leave the salon. The time and commitment will be worth it.

  1. Very helpful information. These tips are straight to the point and have me excited about picking up on my existing blog. Thanks

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