5 Tips to Communicate With Your Salon Clients Beyond the Chair

Do you think that your happiest clients only want to hear from you at the salon? If you do, you are wrong.

As a hair artist professional, you enjoy a very personal relationship with your clients. That is why clients actually have to break up with you to walk away. And, many want more advice from you than you could feasibly convey within a single appointment setting. For any good relationship, it takes good communication to be successful. In this case, success comes in the form of high client retention rates if you can master nurturing your client relationships effectively.

Remember the old Bell telephone commercials that encouraged you to “reach out and touch someone.” Today, the good news is that you have plenty of cost effective options (beyond the phone) to connect with your guests. You can send clients offers in the mail, email, across social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs), and via text message.

Most business owners are aware of “how” (or which method) they could communicate but get stuck on “what” to say. Here are a few topic suggestions to use in your online and printed communications:

  1. Be the beauty pro: Clients crave the real hair truth, especially with the amount of misinformation available online. Take the opportunity to remind your clients of your staff’s expertise in hair care and style. You can discuss new style trends, basic home hair care maintenance techniques, and how to maintain the in-salon styles with your clients.
  2. Share special salon moments: Did the salon staff just do an AIDS Walk? Did you just celebrate a business anniversary? Did you recently attend a hair show or seminar? Help clients connect with your overall business on a deeper level.  If your salon won a neighborhood or industry award, let your clients know. Sharing photos can go a long way.
  3. Highlight special clients: Clients love shout outs to acknowledge special salon visits (i.e weddings), to celebrate personal achievements (i.e. promotions) or to show simple gratitude for referrals.
  4. Inform about new products: Another way to show that you care is to recommend new services that will meet their needs, which also helps your upsell rate.
  5. Give last minute reminders: Let your clients know about last minute appointment availability that will also help you manage capacity.

The communication topics that I shared really work well across the various forms of communication (including email, social media, or even direct mail). Blogging is great for client education and you have a number of choices. Be prepared to experiment to see how you can yield the best response. You may need to stick with an approach for 4-6 months before you can decide that something is not effective. Keep in mind, you need to continue long enough that your clients build up an expectation to receive this kind of information before you evaluate whether or not it is working.

If you are serious about moving the needle on retention, it is best to develop an ongoing communication plan that nurtures your relationships with your clients. An example of a schedule could be: daily social media updates, monthly blog posts/newsletters, and annual direct mailings (coupon or newsletter). You don’t get the same impact if you do it haphazardly.

The Final Scoop:

Communicating with clients outside the salon goes a long way to generate more loyalty from clients and increase your retention metrics. Ensuring that all clients leave your salon with a consistent consultation experience is important. However, you can add more value to the client’s overall salon experience by continuing to communicate helpful information that will further connect clients to your business.

Special note:  This post is featured in the Hair Artist Association newsletter. Read the latest Hair Artist Association newsletter here for more tips to build your business.

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