4 Tips to Improve Customer Service with Salon Business Software

You may admit that using salon business software can help you keep a pulse on your business by monitoring sales trends and employee productivity—even if you under-utilize the reports at your fingertips. But do you also know that some common features can help you wow your clients with great customer service. In addition, it can help free up time to focus on the rest of your operations.

Effectively using technology to manage your customer service experience is the difference between your clients thinking that your staff is sweet vs. applauding your smooth operations. Guess which gets clients happy to spend more money? You guessed it; the professional operation will win out most of the time. The holiday season provides new opportunities to pamper your clients with great service.

Here are some quick tips from Mind Body Online on how to use salon business software to support clients during the holidays and save on front desk expenses:

1) Let clients book appointments online. Today, clients view the convenience to book an appointment 24/7 as basic. Many web-based programs allow clients to select from the available time slots, services, and service operators which you add.  Some hair stylists, in particular, may have apprehension about giving control to clients to block out appointment for services with hard-to-predict lengths. If this is a concern, consider giving this option to existing clients (no new clients). Save time with scheduling basic appointments by allowing online booking.

2) Use automated appointment reminders. Clients are prone to forget their scheduled appointments, especially during the hectic holiday season. No-shows and late arrivals mean lost sales. You can make phone calls or send text messages one at a time. Or you can free up time by auto scheduling reminders.

3) Stay open 24/7 with an online store. One barrier to making online gift card sales can be your website. If you do not have a shopping cart on your website, you cannot accommodate impulse purchases for holiday gifts as well as product purchases. You can make some expensive website updates to handle these sales or you can leverage the online shopping cart functionality from your business software. By integrating eCommerce capabilities, your website can be as efficient as your front desk—even around your holiday hours.

 4) Reward your best clients. Yes, you can use a punch card but why limit your options. Your business software can manage loyalty points across a variety of services. You can assign your own dollar value for client to redeem.  Enable clients to use points to not only book their favorite service but also try out new ones.  Reward clients for returning AND referring clients within the same system.

 The Final Scoop:

Don’t think of your business softward decision as only a tool for you. Your clients actual gain many businesses when you upgrade your back office.

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